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Month: September 2016

International Tips: Embroidery Baseball Jersey

Embroidery is a brilliant pearl in Chinese art. In the costume culture, it occupies an important position in the treasure of the Chinese traditional arts and crafts, and is an important part of Chinese nation. It represents the wisdom of Chinese people. as early as forty-fifth thousand years ago, people have begun to sericulture, silk reeling, with the use of silk, silk fabric production and development of embroidery craft also gradually rise, China is the discovery and use of silk is the earliest country in the world. Embroidery craft mature makes it famous all over the world, we can found by millions of foreign visitors to take souvenirs, through careful and neat stitching, rich and stable color, vivid pattern, impressive.


But the embroidery only in China? In 2016 autumn/winter conference we can see, the elegant and artistic design element, very frequent and intense in each big popular tip is tasted, see foreign designers interpret Chinese elements; this is a very interesting thing.

1Today will say embroidery baseball jersey.

The fun of baseball uniform is that it can be composed of a variety of colors, both the front and sleeves can bump color, sleeve body and sleeve can be different colors, different materials, glowing or not luminous fabrics have different feelings. And with the combination of embroidery is teases people color visual sense, the combination between high purity color, it’s easy to let a person feel the strong atmosphere.

Early Autumn Most Fashion Tips First to Know

Autumn Fashion Tips

Each big fashion brands have launched series of early autumn; you want to follow the fashion whether want to fast one step, autumn outfit be wore in the body as soon as possible to show their own fashion tentacles. Alternative still high temperatures weather, don’t say overcoats, even don’t want to wear a long sleeve clothe, defeat to take on this issue? Wait a minute! View of fashion street look got talent, it is not difficult to find that everyone had on a similar style skirt in the summer look, mix a black leather skirt. The short version of the dress, let you show a pair of beautiful leg, but leather material can also be wore for the summer, a little autumn feeling. If a bit cortex is too hot, not choose thin body imitation leather material, keep fresh. A skirt for the two kinds of feeling, it will prepare for last season quickly?

Autumn Fashion Tips


Fahsion Pu Skirts

Fahsion Pu Skirts

Fahsion Pu Skirts

Fashion Pu Skirts

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Last summer outfits

It seems that September brings with him a bit of nostalgia. I cannot believe that the leaves have yellowed and start falling already. Even if the fall is my favorite season, everything I experience some feelings of sadness because summer is over. I tried to drive them out, looking at recent pictures taken from the sea. Although we stayed 12 days, all I have not tired of silence sea breeze that blows through your hair and the sun that warms you with its rays. But as I charged the batteries such as fahsion t-shirts (https://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-T-Shirts-100019/) for a full year. How I succeeded? We chose the most comfortable outfit and I went for a long walk on the boardwalk, we have drawn slightly salty air waves, and I said goodbye to the sea.fashion t-shirt

cartoon t-shirt

Weather dresses a little past their place being taken by or destroyed ripped jeans that keep charts of the most beloved pants. I combined a pair of jeans with a shirt so more colorful than the result tend to harbor and I loved it. It’s nice to feel occasionally baby and wear shirts with their favorite cartoons. If you feel like all your worries of adult flies shoulders and not only have you enjoying the little things around you.
fashionable collection


Of course my casual outfit had a backpack filled with colorful, that is why we chose one of the models from tidestore that you find now on sale. It is the ideal size, neither too big nor too small enough to fit you everything you need for an entire day outside the home. Super convenient and practical, this backpack you can accessorize (https://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Accessories-c1-100122/) a lot of outfits. It’s colorful, it is fashionable, practical and cool? When you need it in your collection.

fashionable bags

fashionable bags

 How about if I call you today to one last walk on the seashore? We can only say goodbye to wait until next year summer with enthusiasm that welcome every time!

Ways to Wear The Cardigans In This Season

From the last year until this year pajamas style is still popular by people. Weather you have tried or not? For example, an indolent sexy pale pink skirt mix with silver ribbon sandals will be enchanting every second! For the autumn weather, you can directly add a very simple grey cardigan or cardigan as overcoats. It’s also awesome.

Ways to Wear The Cardigans

Match with highlight the waist high jeans and ankle boots, it is feeling of long legs when wear the knitting cardigan at times.


Or directly mix cardigan with a white T-shirt, a pair of perfect tight jeans and a pair of high heels, make easily daily LOOK of casual and comfortable.


Design and color with causal feeling Oversize knitting cardigan, tie-in simple T-shirt and jeans, white shoe is enough good-looking. Such prefect personal look.

Ways to Wear The Cardigans

Pure black long cardigan let you more thinly on the vision! Striped shirt with black and white, ripped jeans mix with neutral style Oxford shoes are no doubt fashionable!

Ways to Wear The Cardigans

Water Sleeves Shirts Show Extraordinary Talents

Collar Ruffle Cuff clothing

Designers specially dote on long sleeves shirts this year. It is said that one style shirt has special design with the sleeves is called water sleeves shirts or collar ruffle cuff shirts. This style shines brilliantly at runway show! From the shirts, fleece to coat, as long as you can make it water sleeves we definitely don’t need the other version sleeves! And water sleeve style also seamlessly mixes together with various kinds of style, such as retro, grace, urban, working and causal with deformation of long sleeve. Let us exciting and everything amazing.

Collar Ruffle Cuff clothing

Water sleeves shirt is definitely a fashion tip of the favorite items of icons, its characteristic is cuff more width and the length of the shirt much longer than usual, it is important to really very fairy. Runway show might be too exaggerated is not practical, let’s take a look at the stars how to build in our lives.


Tidestore Tip:

Collar Ruffle Cuff clothing

Bohemian Dresses are Still the Focus of Whole the Summer

Near the end of summer, we had worn the simple T-shirt + shorts in the summer, also had worn the elegant dress. And most people have enjoyed the whole summer with the flavor of sunshine. But I think the most beautiful looks are Bohemian style dresses in summer. Bohemian dresses have a fairy temperament with clear and also can wear a leisure fashionable breath of the summer. The millennium has come, we will pack up the elegant dresses. Today I recommend this summer with the most beautiful dress.

Bohemian Style Maxi Dresses

This dress of printed big flower, unique open shoulder sleeve design and with high heel sandals are very elegant and beautiful. Dress up it goes to part or beach will become the focus.

Bohemian Style Maxi Dresses

Chiffon Stripe colors bohemian style maxi dresses, cool chiffon material and florid colorful with closed collar, both fashion and characteristic again.

Bohemian Style Maxi Dresses

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Would You Like an Airy Blue Trendy of Clothe?

Airy Blue Clothing

This time tidestore takes new fashion color that is airy blue. The airy blue at 2016-2017 autumn and winter fashion week release perfect the charm of it. It is believe more designers just fall love into airy blue which express freedom of the blue light and relaxed and easily to fit in every way.

Airy Blue Clothing

Airy Blue Clothing

It takes us the wonderful visual effect. Surely, this color of clothing will popular with women and girls, maybe less part men also like it. It is not doubted that this color of clothing bring some pleasure and funny and novel. If you want to know more information about the airy blue clothing, you can browse our homepage and attention on our blog or direct to click on tidestore. You will be interested in our site and our items. Here you have good privileges to buy some things that are fashion and cheap wholesale. You can hold anything at very low price. Hope you enjoy our blog.


Awesome Autumn Long Sleeve Dresses

Dresses are not to abandon tips for women. The Cool autumn is sure to change into long sleeve dress! Long sleeve dress must always remember to choose the stretch waist design styles, or use belt collocation, otherwise makes short and look like to become heavy. Now still is not very cold weather to match sandals and ankle boots are also very fine.


Long Sleeve Dresses

Long sleeve dresses

Long Sleeve Dress

I always think a cute fashion long sleeve dress of classic designs which is fit in well anywhere. And every woman should hold this one dress or the other different styles long sleeve dresses at autumn. So you can change them every day and wear new dress can feel new mood in your life. Now your right is coming. Tidestore suffers some promotion activities about clothing and shoes for women and men and you can buy them at low price. Also you can offer a review about products for tidestore and tidestore will give you some reward. If you want, you can email on here.


long sleeve dress

Long Sleeve Dress


Long Sleeve Dresses

Long sleeve dress

How to Mix The Tight Pant Make It More Fashion

You may also immersed in a variety of flared trousers, wide leg pants, CROPPED world, however, the fall came, the most comfortable dress up is definitely the most practical pants-tight pants or skinny jeans.

You may be very disdain; it is just the skinny Jeans of which showing off thinner and significant figure, who did not have worn in it? Yes, today I will bring you   enumerate everyone hold the tight pants outfit. And let us look at them how to mix skinny jeans.

Fashion Tight Pants

1 small jacket + tight pants

Elements: with the same color clothing

Small jacket with tight pants make the legs the most longest legs with a jacket and a little rock style, but to pay attention to try to choose the same color tight pants, then the lines of jackets will be extended, stretching the effect of figure scale. Large jacket can produce visual difference with the legs, and help you create the more thin legs.

Fashion Tight Pants

2, sports shoes + tight pants:

Elements: dew ankle

How popular sporty fashion style this years. And we would not say it, and sneakers with cropped tight pants of many fashion people good. Exposing a section of the ankle is the way of trendy dress up this year, whether casual or goes to the gym every day, so this collection you cannot miss!

Fashion Tight Pants

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Tidestore High Waist Slim Leggings


Tidestore fashion tight jeans


Bohemian Outfits Show

Leisure dress is necessary of summer, whether the printed dresses or casual bohemian dresses also can easily create goddess temperament in this hot summer, elegant skirt is moment relaxed leisure fashion.


With a bohemian dress catch the tail of the summer. Fairy maxi dress look like a little Bohemian style of beauty, but also has its own unique fashionable more charm than others maxi dresses.


Beautiful white hollow long dresses of sexy high open fork design, bud silk embroidery skirt is full with bohemian style. Also it has the taste of the seaside leisure.


Red hollow sexy lace dress of high open fork shows charming beautiful leg and wear out a way beautiful bohemian style.


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