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Month: January 2017

Shop Flawless Daily dresses

Love life is the performance of the daily collocation of flawless. As the summer major character should to let the girl keep secret mysterious charm. Playful, retro, elegant, gentle, learn to wear it on the daily dress, but you will never miss the fashionable items. I want to recommend some styles of dresses for u from tidestore.

One piece: Latest Hollow Sleeve Bodycon Dress

There are a variety of colors of this dress, cotton material and wear very comfortable on the day, the bottom is tight skirt but also very sexy, a summer economic and popular sheet.

Casual Plus Size Irregular day dress

Two piece: Casual Plus Size Irregular Hem Knee Length Day Dress

The hem of dress is special irregular design, black printing over knee length and comfortable cotton material, a Chinese Jiangnan ink painting style. Is it amazing?

Casual Plus Size Irregular day dress

Three piece: Unique Pattern Printed V-neckline Bodycon Dress

The softness dress feels comfortable and skinny, unique and Individuality pattern, so natural and casual. I always think this one is the most daily clothes to wear in the daytime.


Several Elegant outfits you can wear on this Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is a big holiday that you are too impatient to wait to celebrate. This is the most romantic holiday of the year and if you are in love and you will probably go on a romantic time with your loved one. So, it is important to have a flawless look on this day. Next we want to get you inspired with several elegant outfits from online shop tidestore that you can try to copy.

You should make sure to dress to impress your loved one, so that he can fall in love with you again and again. Absolutely you can never be wrong with a dress, but what color should you choose? Maybe you can try for a black one, since a black dress is a timeless classic and also is a perfect choice for each special occasion. Perhaps how about some red dress? Red is the color of love and passion. A red dress is definitely a great choice for this day. You can even wear some red jumpsuit or maybe some red and black or brown stylish combo. Here are several such outfits that you can try to copy. If you like them, you can view here. (Link) All these items come from tidestore.

trendy red bodycon dress

elegant red dress

red elegant sexy dresses

fashion red dress

fashion red jumpsuit

red fashion jumpsuits 2017

red lace blouse and skrits

lace top / skirt

More decorative elements of white shirt

The basic models of the white shirt began to be always recommended from different fashion icons since the spring. However, the fashion of people is hearing the same things about white shirts in recently. Tidestore this time brings some new style shirt for everybody. Let you create a round beauty at your whole body.

Trendy Element White Shirts

Of course, white shirts are still available, and if you don’t want to be conservative, we can add some decorative elements, such as lotus leaf, bubble sleeve, tie and lace……

Multi Element White Shirts

Wonderful printed cuffs shirt, loose design, collocation black slim hole in jeans, loafer shoes or high heels, the spring should hold clean and natural look.

Printed White Shirts

Flower Printed White Shirts

The neckline lace up design, with a noble elegant style, loose sleeves design, generous and casual, this neutral handsome style is very more popular.

Lace Up Collar White Shirts

This piece is lace white shirts, simple thin tie bow shirt, elegant and stylish.

Lace White Shirts

Tidestore Early Spring Trendy Color

Sweet romantic spring has arrived, please take off the heavy dark coats, put on the light and carefree pink! This poster combines 2016 popular Pantone color recommend two kinds of honey and romantic colorful for you: sweet pink and light blue which are fresh and quiet elegant tranquil, come and follow the steps of fashion people to see which one is your style?



Pink: sweet and youth

Lovely pink is most cute color in the world. No woman hardly like pink. Light natural tones not only can play up the whole atmosphere, but also render the romantic pink bubble.


Light blue: fresh and quiet overflow!

Blue very suitable for spring and summer, it can bring infinite sticky air refreshing, from stars to fashion bloggers all will hold a blue light fashions in the spring and summer, quiet and pleasant, is overflowing with fresh temperament!


Here more pink and blue clothing:https://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Womens-Clothing-c1-100121/

Variety of Fabrics Waisted Pleated Skirt Online

There are a variety of fabrics of high waisted pleated skirt to choose, each fabric skirts can let you make the same beautiful shape.


Recommended one: Chiffon waisted pleated skirt

High Waist Chiffon pleated skirt is very suitable for the summer, because itself chiffon fabric can make more folds, more details. At the same time light chiffon fabrics can make you more elegant style in the summer.



Recommendation two: cotton high waisted pleated skirt

Cotton is the traditional high waisted pleated skirt fabric, cotton fabric’s elastic, moisture absorption is very good. Small note more fat girls can choose high waisted pleated skirt.



Recommendation three: leather waist pleated skirt

Leather fabric has been extended to a variety of hot items, choose a high waisted leather skirt can let more girls try to play the neutral style without pompous.





I hope this post can be helpful, remember to let  me  know  what  do you like,  i can take you more informations about fashion clothes and dress up. Therefore, you can click here:http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Skirts-100036/. Here offers more trendy skirts for you.

2017 New Style Maxi Dresses Online

2017 summer is upcoming. If you are preparing for turn new clothes in your wardrobes. In the early of each year everybody start to do large purchase at the beginning of the season. Tidestore in the early of 2017 have some new style clothing to sale including maxi dresses, fashion blouses, bottoms and prom heels. They are created by our famous designer which is professionally, personalized, younger in age. In this reason of new arrival have some beautiful long dresses that are so characteristic, such as this black and pink dress extend the waist line make the wide and high, you can found you hold a golden proportion figure. Sometimes tidestore have a hugh promotion activities for you. If you like it, you can click on it.https://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Maxi-Dresses-100037/


The red maxi dress is amazing our eyes that are enthusiasm, younger and colored.This piece very sexy casual dress which is going to party or meeting is also occasions.


Vintage Split Joint Lace Maxi Party Dress. This lace dresses is so unique.

Black Long Sleeve Lace Maxi Dress


Random Wide-Leg Pants Style Collection

This winter hot look: Wide Leg Pants, no doubt is denim fabric. Street photograph casual feeling is very suitable for out street wear.

Little buddy in the choice to pay attention to two focuses either on the choice of more than nine styles, or choose super long pants. Tenths wide pants length can reveal the ankle, collocation of high heels, was tall and elegant. Tall people can wear sneakers more casual.

 If you bought the length of the trousers are too long. Don’t worry. Heels can help you increase ten centimeters than before. It is not only tall, but also splendid.



Wide leg pants and cardigan is the strongest winter CP this year, such collocation is warm and comfortable. If you want handsome can match with boots, anti-aging can match with sneakers, have a pair of high heels make you sexier.



The same color collocation is simple but not easy to go wrong. Large area color in body back rate of absolute is 100%.

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