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Month: February 2017

Necessary One Maxi Dress in Spring

A lot of girls immediately want to put on shorts skirts while get warmer weather. They hope to wrap their own legs in winter to get free in the spring. In fact, in the early spring, sooner or later, the temperature is still a little cold, accidentally it maybe catch a cold, so compared to the short skirt, maxi dress is more suitable for this season, but also will not hide your beauty! Next, i recommend some cheap summer maxi dresses to you from tidestore, hope you can love them.

Printed Maxi Dress

Spring dress is certainly unavoidable printing dress, it can points out more spring, but have not you found, compared with the short dress, printing maxi dress more add ethnic customs, big hemline has a unique feeling in the spring!

Floral Imprint Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Long Sleeve Floral Print Maxi Dress

Fashion Big Skirt Floral Maxi Dress

 Floral Print V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress

Solid color Maxi dress

Although solid color maxi dress is not as good as printing style maxi dress, but in some formal or dignified need to dress up formal dress for the occasion, we must also prepare a solid color maxi dress makes you look not fancy, minimalist styling will look more generous.

Pink Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Stand Collar Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Green Long Sleeve Backless Maxi Dress

Blue Long Sleeve V Neck Maxi Dress

Purple Off-Shoulders Maxi Dress

 More Maxi Dresses:https://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Maxi-Dresses-100037/

Review 2016 Tidestore Trends

Time files, the spring of 2017 has begun. A review of 2016 this year fashion focus, popular trend is always the myriads of changes of the fashion circle, began in 2017. Now I lead you to look the fashion trend clothes changes of 2016 in our wardrobe.

Look 1: Sport style, Hoodies, many sports tide brand in fashion circles blew up sport style trendy, with the same hot sale leather skirt, make you more cute and stylish.Sport Style Hoodies,

Look 2: Pajamas style, it have to mention the pajamas style, from T to the street, from the star to the ordinary no one is not chasing the pajamas style, pajamas style suit, pajamas suspenders, robes and so are the necessary trend of a single product.

Pajamas style Loose Women's Shirt

Look 3: Long sleeved striped t shirts, from popular this year to the long straight legged to the tea coat, all in all the super long style is a hot trend this year.

Long sleeved striped t shirts

Look 4: High waist pant, highlight your strengths, make your body more perfect proportion.

Black High Waist Palazzo Women's Pants

Look 5: Sexy skirts, is popular every year, everywhere, suitable for a variety of occasions.

Sexy Waist Lace Skirt

Look 6: Work bag. From the super to Mini paragraph, the shape of the bag, it’s very successful of a large table in the tide of a place. The same collocation hot round circle elements this year, do, very pretty.

Work Shoulder Bag

Spring Trendy Women’S Shoes Online Tidestore

Do you realize need buy some new spring shoes to go throng this season whatever any styles? I always think in a new year most brands will launch some new styles heels or sandals online, and exactly is so; Tidestore is fashion clothing and shoes store for women and men.

Black Pointed Ankle Strap Heeled Shoes

There is something about these shoes that is a combination of weird, cute, delicate and decadent all at once. Why are these shoes so beautiful? The arch, the shape, the color, the elements- this pair is seriously one of the most perfect pairs I’ve seen in a while. When I find it, I can’t wait to feature one by one and also do a shoe lists on my schedule. Awesome ones on here, tidestore always creates some special types of designer which is amazing and affordable. You can save large money to get your fave something on tidesstore. Also tidestore can post these goods with free shipping over $79. Hope you like your shopping trip.

Rhinestone Flower Tassel PumpsFashion Elegant White Suede Heels

Peep Toe Black Heeled Women's Pumps

Stiletto Wedding Prom Shoes

2017 Romantic Valentine’s Day Good Gifts

Romantic sweet season, what kind of gift cannot feel a “false” Valentine’s Day? On the occasion of the February romantic sweet moment, Fossil with curiosity for design inspiration, adopt classic, launched a new series of products. The new and interesting elements put into the classic design and a new interpretation, to show the real self at the same time more creative, unique Valentine’s Day gift.

fossil valentine's day gifts

Fossil Valentine’s Day watches recommendation

Curiosity is the inspiration for the Fossil has always been, in order to cater to every girl with dream, this year more particularly and the most popular pale pink dogwood color for the classic series Jacqueline, Abilene, Tailor watches. Fresh color highlight to the smart girl most interesting, exquisite watch strap collocation circular dial, dial color conveys elegant precious. The beauty of a woman is that no matter how long, always curious about new things, Fossil would like to recall that period of interesting and lively girl.

fossil watches






Tidestore Valentine’s recommend:


$ 28.49

Concise Glass Surface with Rhinestone Watch

$ 20.79


Oversize Sweaters+Skirts=the Beginning Of Early Spring

In addition to summer a year sweaters are always the most popular fashion piece. Loose leisure sweater with a sweet skirt is the ageless of girls will have to take style, regardless of the inside or outside wear, also give you the most satisfactory outfit.


Early spring wear suggestions

Oversize sweater and summer dress collocation, spring atmosphere contrast, layering collocation is also very clear where is to look good dress in single sweater or single skirt!



Oversize outfit does not seem to pick the sweater and skirt shape. They perfectly fit with various types of skirts!

oversize sweater + leather skinning skirts

Oversized Sweaters Street with suede skirts

Oversize sweater + pleated skirt

Last year the pleated skirt sales hot, to pear shaped body and the bigger girls most of them can only be discouraged because of too explicit wide hip pleated skirt. If equipped with oversize sweater in pleated skirt, not only cover the hip, also unabated fashion sense. No matter what is your body shape, choose a pleated skirt match a loose sweater, isn’t it so chic?


Oversize sweater with skirts


Awesome the Products from Tidestore

Do you remember I told you the year of 2017 can push out some new products at tidestore. I sincerely never forget the trend of this year, and I write this post just want to say tidestore is going to push out some hot products every day at the absolutely low price than markets. In recently I found some nice items and at a very good price, but now I want just show you some affordable summer dresses. If you want to know about more women’s dresses, you can click into this link: https://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Dresses-100035/

U-Neck Velvet Women's Sexy pink Dress

Red Chiffon Sexy Dress

White SexyRaglan Sleeve Slim Paillette Bodycon Dress


Dark Blue Half Sleeve Maxi Dress

Even if I deeply love in various new styles and types dresses, I also think the entire look need a pair of prefect heels. I choice some models to show you go to a prom or party, these nice heels can be wear at other events. Right now I think you maybe look forward to upcoming Valentine’s Day. Maybe a grand meeting is waiting for you. Welcome to tidestore web shop. I admit you can pick up some perfect and cheap items for the weather outside. And unique that you really like, you will wear them. Here is heel’s link:https://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Heels-100104/

Coffee Green High Heel Pointed Shoes

Royal Blue Heel Women's Prom Shoes

Luxurious Heeled White Bride's Dress Shoes

Tell You 3 Ways to Get Rid of Static Electricity on Hair!

Static electricity from the hair is a big problem in the winter. Take off clothes and hats will let the hair come into static electricity. In the face of such a big problem, we must solve it immediately, here lists 3 ways to eliminate static electricity, I hope they can help you drive away the static electricity.

eliminate static electricity ways

Method 1: Warm Water Shampoo + Natural Dry

We all like to take a bath with hot-water in winter, but do you think the hair feeling, the water temperature is too high will directly harm the hair cuticle, extremely easy to cause hair coarse; Another easy to let the hair coarse is hair dryer, hair dryer will take away much water, but also can make the hair “stand up,” the cuticle hair more easily electrostatic. In general, the natural dry (can be used with a few dry towels to wipe) hair will be suppler, and not easy to static electricity.


Method 2: Have a Try Lotion

After washing your hands you will smear the hands cream, by the way take a ray of hair, although this will make the hair of some fat, but it is also a good way to eliminate static electricity. Of course, try to choose a high aqueous emulsion, so do not worries about the hair become sticky.


Methods 3: Using Hair Gel or Hairspray

This is a good way to quickly eliminate static electricity. Spray the gel or hairspray on the comb, comb the hair, so this way can let the messy hair become supple. But it should be noted that some hair gel do not always avoid static electricity, a long time will still produce static electricity, and you need to pay more attention.


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